Celebrating Independence demands Interdependence

Many of us will never know what it took to fight against the war chest of Queen and country, to extract and maintain the freedoms we enjoy today.  We will never know the pain of watching battleships swarm around our land and professional soldiers assissinate our families, haul off our livestock and burn our homesteads to the ground. But today we do know the joys of the freedoms and choices we are able to make because of The Reveloutionary War.  A vehicle that cemented our freedom so well, it rang all around the world drawing the down trodden and huddled masses to our shores.

Independence Day is so much more than celebrating the defeat of monarchy rule. It is the celebration of the freedom of the individual to become, do and be.  To create opportunity and seize it, something YOU the single property landlord did when you decided to buy a house…and that should celebrated!  You have planted a seed and are watching it grow while cultivating it, pulling out weeds and making sure it gets enough water and sunshine for 10 years, 20 or even 30 years.  You are determined to have a full grown oak tree with deep roots for future generations to enjoy and learn from.  But with real estate booming in certain cities and the local resident’s squall of rising rent rates, that oak tree you’ve dreamed of growing is now being threatened.  It boggles my mind how landlords can stand with certain legislature that will ultimately do them in.  Landlords who allow their emotions to lead them and listen to pro-tenant initatives inform them of one-sided scenarios.  Landlords who don’t see that the seed they’ve planted is slowly being uprooted and they are holding the hoe!  We have to unite because too many of us are not informed and are being led down paths to our destruction. A destruction we may not see today or even in our time but it will reverberate in our childrens’ time.  The early settlers seemed to be no match for the regimented military of England but what won this nation’s independence was the collective individuals’ raw thirst and hunger for freedom.  A freedom they didn’t take for granted or even dream about for themselves. They did it to initiate a standard for the future. If we’re going to win this war of managing our properties without governement interference, then we must unite.  In the state of Massachusetts alone, there are countless SPL’s running and managing their own multifamily properties.  Think what a mighty fist we could be, how we could help each other, fight for one another, make enroads for each other, learn and win with each other.  We would be a mountain pro-tenant organizations and their politicians couldn’t move.  So as you’re chowing down on that hamburger, waving the flag or watching the fireworks think about how well you truly are independent as an SPL. And if you’re not, it’s time to join the ranks.

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