The title landlord is usally synonymous with words like slumlord and greedy leaving many single property landlords (SPLs) feeling pressured to prove they are anything but.  However, the reality is WE are needed and an important part of the residential process when it comes to housing, especially in states like Massachusetts where multifamily properties make up a huge percentage of residential homes.  But this isn’t about boasting or needing anyone to grovel at our feet.  Instead, I am reflecting on the blessing that a mulitfamily is and what it says about those of us brave enough to take on tenants, building maintenance and housing laws all while paying a mortgage and living our own lives.  It’s no easy feat to do what we do and still live to tell the story.  Why? Because we’re not just managers of a building, we’re also indirectly counselors, social workers and even teachers.  Tenants enter our properties with extreme experiences and some none at all and we as landlords embrace it all. From the young single mother who has no clue who to contact for her heating bill to the parent fearful of being evicted due to financial woes to the older tenant on a fixed income with medical concerns.  All this and more is laid at the feet of the single property landlord.  And we absorb and manage it all while trying to balance the huamnity before us and the fiscal demands of staying afloat. That is the courageous beauty of being an SPL.  A beauty that speaks of our grace, patience, dedication and determination.  A beauty I am thankful for.

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