Time to wake up and smell….the truth

Just Cause Eviction.  What do you know about it?  What do you think of it? How will it effect you as a property owner and landlord?  Are you relying on an organiztion’s definition to rally you onto their side?  Do you know all the ins and outs of this issue? Or are you letting your emotions be your compass and allowing empathy for the “poor, taken advantaged of” tenant tell you how to think on behalf of your business (remember, our properties are not our homes but businesses)? Ever notice how the examples employed by the opposition is always an elderly person being pushed out of their apartment of 30 years?  What about the tenant who brought in five other people not on the lease and destroyed the unit?  But I digress…

I’m not an expert on Just Cause Eviction…yet.  But I have taken the initiative to learn about it and how it would effect me as a SPL.  From aligning myself with associations to attending hearings in City Hall, I’m learning more and more that Just Cause Eviction is a diaster waiting to happen…to landlords.  If you’re afraid to go to court now over your tenant’s illegal actions and behavior, imagine what the process will be should Just Cause Eviction pass.  Again, I’m not an expert and want to understand it thoroughly before I pass what I know on to you. But don’t wait for me, learn about it yourself. But I caution you against becoming taken with the images and stories of “grandma being evicted” the Just Cause Eviction supporters will endorse.  Remember, you have a business that you’re paying a mortgage on and maintaning ALL BY YOURSELF.  No one should have the right to hold your unit hostage just because they don’t want to leave living in the city.  Keep your chin up….I’ll be back.

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